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Don’t Play Alone!

Music is social. It’s better with friends!

Grüvster is a virtual recording studio for musicians to capture their ideas, share tracks with friends, collaborate on songs, and get inspired.

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1. Record & Save Image

1. Record & Save

Log in, press record and go. Right from your browser. And soon from your iOS or Android device. Save your tracks directly to SoundCloud. More top cloud storage services coming soon. Access your tracks anytime, anywhere. Never lose a lick.

Capture Your Musical Ideas

If you’ve played guitar for any length of time, you probably know how good it feels to lose yourself in the music for a few seconds and play something brilliant. You also probably know the sinking feeing of not being able to remember what you did and recreate the magic. By recording your whole session in Grüvster, you can hear yourself, find the magic licks, save them and recreate them later.

Practice Smarter: Hear Yourself

Just because you’re listening to yourself as you play, doesn’t mean you’re really hearing yourself. Grüvster’s simple interface makes it easy to record your practice. Listen back to what you played. Keep trying until you master the part.

2. Collaborate & Share

Invite your friends to your Grüvster space via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Stop jumping between your recording program, a cloud storage service, and email to share tracks and collaborate on songs. Do it all from Grüvster. We’re determined to make it easy to record, collaborate and share so you can focus on making music.

Gruvster Screenshot

It’s better with friends

Music is social. We pick up a guitar for the 1st time and the 1,000th time to play with and for our friends. But as we get older, it gets harder to get together and jam. We move. We have careers. We get married and have kids. We built Grüvster because we have friends we haven’t played with in a long time.

3. Get Inspired Image

3. Get Inspired

Anyone who’s ever played guitar knows you can get in a rut sometimes. We’ll be adding backing tracks, tablature and other content and features to help your creativity flow.

Get a Feature Named for You!

If you have an idea for a feature you think we should add, tell us. If it’s already in our product roadmap, maybe it moves up in the queue. If you’re the first to suggest a feature and we like it, we’ll name the feature after you.*

Audio Samples

Get started recording here. Our friends at let us share some of their most popular backing tracks with you. Record your guitar part over one of these classics!




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Sign up Today!